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About Me

As a Passionate UI/UX Web Designer I use my knowledge of design to improve user experience to be able for you to increase and improve your product.

With Over 10 years experience

My Passion for Design, Especially websites.

For me my design career started because my other career as a Commercial Diver was stopped, I had some issues that prevented me from diving. Which in turn led me to learning about how websites work. With this new found passion it was easy for me to see what I had to do next.

So I started searching everywhere and anywhere to find as much information about learning about design, websites and development. After I got the hang of things. I reached out to everyone I know to be able to test my skills as a newbie in design. Luckily my parents were the first project I got to work on.

After a few more projects I managed to get a Web Designer & WordPress Developer job where I was able to hone my skills even more . Since then I have worked for Digital Startups, Agencies, In-House Marketing Companies, Where I managed to work on some amazing projects, as well as Clients.

Now I’m looking to expand and offer my own services to small businesses and startups who may need a freelancer to be able to help them with their design and development needs. If you are interested in working with me then feel free to contact me here at scott@scottkennedydesigns.com or fill out my form here.